In recent years, technology has become increasingly globalized, enabling startups from various countries to connect and benefit from each other’s innovations. To facilitate this process, the concept of the overseas version of an accelerator has emerged.An accelerator is an organization that provides support, mentorship, and resources to startups, aiding their growth and success. The overseas version of an accelerator takes this concept a step further by bringing together startups from different countries and continents. By doing so, it creates an environment that encourages collaboration, cultural exchange, and global connectivity.One of the primary benefits of the overseas version of an accelerator is the exposure it provides to startups. By participating, startups gain access to an international network of mentors, investors, and potential business partners. This exposure not only increases their chances of securing funding but also opens up new markets and opportunities for expansion.Moreover, the overseas version of an accelerator allows startups to learn from their international counterparts. By engaging with startups from different backgrounds and cultures, entrepreneurs gain diverse perspectives and insights. This exposure fosters innovation and encourages the development of unique solutions that cater to global challenges.In conclusion, the overseas version of an accelerator plays a vital role in bringing startups from around the world together, fostering global connectivity, and promoting innovation on a global scale. By providing exposure, collaboration, and cultural exchange, it enables startups to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world.。